Cornerstone 2003: Liz’s Diary, June 29

Melissa and I left Omaha around 7:45 a.m. It was a bit of a late start, as we were hoping to be on the road by 7:00. We both wanted to get a clean shower, the last one we’d have for a week. Once on the road, it was smooth sailing. Melissa had never seen Iowa, so she got a full dose of it, considering most of the trip to Cornerstone involves driving across the entire state on I‑80. We got to Bushnell around 2:45, and met up with our friends at the Hardees in town.

We caravanned to the Cornerstone grounds together, and I led the way to a campsite in the shade. I led us around the entire grounds, only to end up back where we started, in a nice little shady spot by the front gate, about five steps away from where I camped last year. We got all the tents set up pretty quickly, even the Mansion Tent I borrowed from Jill. Seriously, the thing is huge.

A list of everyone who camped together: Me (Omaha), Melissa (Columbia, SC), Kevin (St. Louis), Mark and Anji (Cleveland), Shane, Charisse, and Jamie (Dallas), and Nick, Kirk, and Danny (St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada… go look on a map, you’ll freak out. They live on the edge of the earth.)

Shane, Charisse, Melissa and I went to Macomb to go to Walmart, and then for some food at Subway, got back to the campsite, where we all just hung out for awhile. As always, about 10 different crappy hardcore screamo bands had set up their own generator stages, so we got to listen to those all night. They were definitely good material to make fun of. Anyway… I think we all went to bed before midnight that night.

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