“Christian” by Forever Honey

The band’s shimmering, jangly guitar pop gets the John Hughes treatment.

Originally known as Queue, Brooklyn’s Forever Honey play shimmering, jangly guitar pop. It just makes sense, then, that the music video for “Christian” — the lead single from their upcoming Pre— Mortem High EP — evokes shades of the ’80s with its John Hughes-inspired video. The song’s a great showcase for Aida Mekonnen’s nimble, Johnny Marr-influenced guitar-playing and Liv Price’s dreamy vocals.

While “Christian” is the EP’s poppiest song, the other songs are no slouches, either. I particularly enjoy “Twenty Five,” which blends aggressive riffs and rhythms with subtler guitar textures in a manner not unlike Pure Bathing Culture. And “Where We Are Sometimes” is a slow-burning track that’s a nice exemplar of the band’s own self-description of “jangle-pop, sob-rock.”

Pre-Mortem High will be released on April 24 and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.