Captain Marvel Website

When you visit the website for Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel movie, you might think that your internet connection has somehow broken the space-time continuum, and taken you back to the world wide web of the ​‘90s in all of its awful glory.

I mean, Captain Marvels website has it all: crappy-looking animated GIFs, lots of garish repeating backgrounds (some of which are animated, as well), rainbow text, a counter, a guestbook, broken image links, and even some honest-to-goodness blinking text (via blink tags, of course). I love everything about it. And it’s perfectly in-line with the film’s ​‘90s setting.

But what I love most is that not only did Marvel’s marketing team take the time to make it look like an authentic ​‘90s website (i.e., basically every GeoCities site ever, or the Space Jam website), they also took the time to make it responsive and mobile-friendly. In other words, they built a distinctly ​‘90s-looking website with modern web development techniques.

It’s sort of like the best of both worlds, if you think about it. Via