CaPC Update: “Our Ten Favorite Albums of 2010”

It’s that time of year again, when everyone begins the mad scramble to put together and publish their year-end lists, and Christ and Pop Culture is no different. Indeed, we’re kicking off our 2010 year-end coverage with “Our Ten Favorite Albums of 2010.”

Far from an objective declaration of the best music out there, the following is a list that we have compiled of our favorite albums of the past year. We like them because they make us feel good, because we relate to them in some strong personal way, or because, yes, we can’t ignore their pure objective beauty. In some cases, as with our number one album, it may be all of the above. In any case, we like these albums, and we present them to you as humble examples of God’s common grace in the form of musical creativity.

I’ll give you three guesses as to which album topped our list.

Related: I’m currently hard at work compiling my year-end mix, which I’ll begin posting on Opus in late December/early January.

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