Bracken remixed by The Third Eye Foundation, Remote Viewer, and more

Bracken is a side project of Chris Adams, who some of you may know as one-half of the core duo that makes up Hood (and if you know of Hood, best get started). Earlier this year, Adams released We Know About The Need (my review), which eschewed the pastoral, autumnal soundscapes that Hood are best known for, and instead delved into a pastiche of glitch, electronica, and hip-hop. (Not surprisingly, We Know About The Need was released Anticon Records.)

Then, Bracken released Eno About The Need, an LP of outtakes, experiments, and other bits that didn’t make it into We Know About The Need — and was released as only one copy (the plan being that this copy eventually winds up on various evil file-sharing services and whatnot).

And now, Bracken is back with a remix album entitled, well, Remixes. Five tracks from We Know About The Need are remixed by nine artists, including The Boats, Remote Viewer, and coolest of all, The Third Eye Foundation. That’s right, Matt Elliott has dusted off his TEF moniker (which he “retired” back in 2001) for this special occasion.

You can listen to two of the remixes on Bracken’s MySpace page.

Remixes is already out, and can be ordered from the Anticon website. It will be available as both a digital download and a limited run of 300 CDs, all of which were handmade by Bracken.

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