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Avalon Is Coming Soon(?)

Avalon, Mamoru Oshii

Chris pointed out this announcement on KFC Cinema to me. It looks like Miramax is getting off their duffs and finally releasing some of those great films they’ve been hoarding under their belts. In this case, it’s a DVD release of Mamoru Oshii’s fantabulous Avalon, and wonder of wonders, it doesn’t look like it’ll be edited or dubbed! Maybe this signals a change of heart for Miramax, who have become pretty notorious for butchering any Asian films they get their hands on (Shaolin Soccer, Hero, etc.).

The DVD comes out December 16th, will include English & French subtitles, and will have several special features. So far, the only downside I can see is the horrible packaging, which is essentially the HK cover with some color ​“tweaks”, some nice type effects (love that green, Matrix-y glow), a horrible tagline (“Risk all that you possess”), and a cheesy explosion. It makes this great film look like some second-rate ​“Made For Sci-Fi Channel” flick. Ah well… I’m through whining. It’s a great film, and an absolute must-see if the style of the Matrix movies gets you going.

BTW, I also noticed on KFC Cinema that several samurai films will be coming out DVD soon, including the fantastic Harakiri, which I watched for my most recent movie marathon.

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