Alto’s Odyssey Is Coming This Summer

Instead of collecting runaway llamas this time, you’ll be discovering “the secrets of the endless desert.”

Described as “an endless snowboarding odyssey,” Snowman’s Alto’s Adventure riffed on the “endless runner” genre, sending you snowboarding down the mountains on a mission to collect your runaway llamas while performing sweet tricks on your board. It was an unusual premise, but the game’s minimal controls, simple artwork and animation, weather effects, and lovely soundtrack made for a serene, entrancing, and charming experience.

Following its release in 2015, Alto’s Adventure proved quite the smash hit, with publications like The Verge singing its praises. Since then, the game has received several minor updates as well as an Android release. (Alto’s Adventure was originally released for iOS.)

But late last year, Snowman announced a follow-up: Alto’s Odyssey. Only a few things are currently known about the new game. It apparently has art style and game mechanics similar to its predecessor’s. According to the presskit, your new quest is to “discover the secrets of the endless desert.” Finally, the game’s developers said in a recent interview that it’ll be more than a mere Alto’s Adventure re-skin.

Alto’s Odyssey will be released in Summer 2017. Snowman is also working on several other intriguing games: Where Cards Fall, Skate City, and Distant.

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