All I Want For Christmas

This holiday season, I’ll be a very easy boy to please. Come Christmas morning, all I really want to find under the Christmas tree is what you see above: the Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Blade Runner. I blogged about this over a year ago, and it’s finally arriving on December 18th.

You can find all of the details over on The Digital Bits (which is where I found the above image), but here’s a very brief rundown of what the set includes:

  • An all new “final cut” version of the film that is remastered, restored, and contains added and extended scenes
  • The 1982 theatrical version of the film
  • The 1982 international version of the film
  • The 1992 director’s cut version of the film
  • A “workprint” version of the film
  • A documentary about the making of Blade Runner
  • A boatload of featurettes, galleries, trailers, and other special features

And as you can see, the whole thing comes in a silver briefcase that also contains a film clip from the original feature, an origami unicorn, a model of one of the film’s “spinner” cars, and a signed letter from Sir Ridley Scott.

All in all, a very fitting tribute to one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made… and a wonderful gift for the bestest husband ever (nudge, nudge…).

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