AICN’s Moriarty Sees a Half-Hour of The Watchmen

AICN’s Moriarty has seen a half-hour of footage from the The Watchmen:

[I]f there’s one word I’d use for what we saw yesterday, it would be “uncompromised,” and that is a rare thing to be able to say. I’ve written a lot about the various permutations of WATCHMEN in my time here at AICN. I remember sitting in Lloyd Levin’s living room in London, paging through books of production art and casting ideas for the Paul Greengrass version, convinced that was as close as anyone would be able to get to making the film work onscreen. I championed the Hayter drafts over the years because I could sense the genuine passion to get the heart of the material right. But never in all that time did I dare hope that we would get a movie as accurate in every way as the one that will hit theaters next March.

The more I read, the more I think I might’ve been wrong in my initial concerns about The Watchmen… which is fine by me.

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