16HP R.I.P.

It’s always a sad thing when a great band decides to call it quits, and it’s doubly sad when a great band as beloved as 16 Horsepower decides to call it quits. The band recently posted a message on their website, referring to an accumulation of differences, mostly political and spiritual as the reason for the disbanding. Although this isn’t the first time that 16HP’s future has been in question, this announcement certainly has an air of finality about it.

This really bums me out. In a world where music is so often bought and sold as a commodity, 16HP’s music was a force to be reckoned with, pure and a simple. It’s so rare these days to hear bands making music that has real, honest to God conviction flowing through its veins. 16HP’s music had it in spades, and as a result, it was like none other.

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