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Let’s All Get Spaced!

There are many reasons to love Spaced, even if you’re not a pop culture geek. However, if you are one, that’s when the series’ true beauty and depth is revealed.
The Mary Onettes

My 2007 Mix, Featuring The Mary Onettes, Arcade Fire, Low, Radiohead, Epic45 & more

In an attempt to continue the Christmas spirit just a few more days, I offer you a mix.
The Mary Onettes

The Friendly Beasts

A meditation on my favorite Christmas carol.
Neon Bible, Arcade Fire

Neon Bible by Arcade Fire (Review)

Though less bombastic and fiery than Funeral, Arcade Fire’s sophomore album is no less powerful.
Neon Bible, Arcade Fire

I Could Crap Better Sleeve Art

Folks are frustrated that great movies, or at least movies that they love, consistently receive crappy treatment, and so they take matters into their own hands.
Battlestar Galactica

Well I’ll Be Frakked (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New Starbuck)

The Cycle of Days and Seasons

The Cycle of Days and Seasons

Long drives through midwestern nowheres have become forever linked to Hood’s 1999 masterpiece.
Songs For Christmas, Sufjan Stevens

Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens (Review)

I’ve heard most of the songs on here before, countless times. But I had never heard them like this, in such a sublime context.
Babylon 5

A Bit of a Ramble on Sci-Fi, Spirituality, Atheists, Babylon 5 & Firefly

What good does it do to ingest the works of someone who has outright denied God’s existence?
New iMac #1

Reviewing the New iMac: A Week’s Worth of Impressions

It’s sleek, slim, and just a wee bit sexy.
V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta by James McTeigue (Review)

Millions - Danny Boyle

Finally! My Favorites From 2005

I’m eschewing the list format and opting for something a bit more conversational.


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