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The Kingpin (Daredevil)

Netflix’s Daredevil Is a Sobering Story About the Tragedy of Evil

Daredevil isn’t just a hero’s origin story; it also chronicles the tragic, sobering evolution of a supervillain.
Carrie & Lowell, Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens Sings of Grief, Death, Love & Forgiveness on Carrie & Lowell (Review)

Stripped of his usual pomp, Sufjan’s latest explores his relationship with his troubled mother with grace, compassion, and brutal honesty.
Makeup & Vanity Set

Finding a Path Through the Wilderness: An Interview with Makeup & Vanity Set

Makeup & Vanity Set’s Matthew Pusti discusses his new album’s origins, its accompanying short film, the legacy of the ’80s, and much more.
Light Pulses

Building Better Blog Networks

Blog networks can be powerful tools, but they’re only as good as the support they offer their bloggers, and there’s plenty of room for improvement there.
Craft Logo

Effectively Managing Image Assets in Craft CMS

Using Craft’s custom fields, you can build a very flexible system for managing your site’s assets.
Weird Al

My Favorite Songs of 2014, Part 3: Sun Kil Moon, Todd Terje, Temples, Wovenhand, “Weird Al” & More

Post-punk shoegaze, confessional ballads, solo piano, psychedelic pop, and more. Oh, and Weird Al as well.

My Favorite Songs of 2014, Part 2: Grouper, The Hotelier, Damien Jurado, Remedy Drive, The Roots & More

Acoustic folk, emo done right, soulful electronic pop, twee, ’80s synth ballads, hip-hop, and more.
Ben Frost

My Favorite Songs of 2014, Part 1: 2:54, The Choir, Chromeo, Desiderii Marginis, Flying Lotus, Ben Frost & More

Swirling shoegaze, Christian psych-rock, dark ambient and industrial, ’80s-style disco pop, and more.
Bark Psychosis' Hex

Remembering the Magic of Bark Psychosis’ Hex

It’s a landmark album, but more importantly, it’s a beautiful album, and time has done nothing to change that.
I Could Live In Hope

20 Years Later, and I Could Still Live in Hope

Time seems to stand still whenever Low’s debut album is playing; listening to it is as much an act of meditation as anything else.

I’m Not So Sure I Want to Live an Epic Life

I might want to live an epic life of greatness, but I’m not sure that I can. Furthermore, I’m not even sure that I’m supposed to want to live such a life.

Concert Review: Slowdive & Low (October 31, 2014, Minneapolis, MN)

All I can think is that I’ve waited two decades for this moment… and it is everything I could’ve hoped for.


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