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Statamic's Bard

Statamic’s “Bard” Is an Elegant-Looking Approach to Content Management

Bard combines an unobtrusive text editor with very customizable content block functionality.
Building Blocks

It’s Time to Adopt a Block-Oriented View of Website Content Management

Think of a webpage as a collection of discrete, self-contained blocks of content — and edit it accordingly.

Twitch Is Now ScreenAnarchy

The new site takes a more community-based approach to film coverage.

Grid Layout Is One of the Best Things to Ever Happen to CSS

This is how web page layout should be. How it should’ve always been.
Opus Logo Comparison

A Tale of Two Logos (or, Now Let’s SVG All the Things)

I redesigned Opus’ logo because I wanted to make my website faster. Did it work?

Please, For the Love of All That Is Holy, Optimize Your Website’s Images

Websites can never be too fast, which means that website images can never be too small.
Space Jam Website

The Space Jam Website as Nostalgia Trip & Historical Document

For the record, I still optimize my websites’ images with 56K modems in mind.
Craft Logo

Effectively Managing Image Assets in Craft CMS

Using Craft’s custom fields, you can build a very flexible system for managing your site’s assets.


A beautiful gesture from an appreciative community.

Mono Social Icons Font


BrowserQuest Lets You Relive the Days of Classic Video Games via HTML5 Goodness

16-bit nostalgia as well as more proof that Flash is becoming increasingly irrelevant and unnecessary in today’s web environment.

The Perfect Online Publication

Brent Simmons has compiled a list of rules for making the perfect online publication.


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