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Video Game Controller

Do video games really make kids kill people?

The relationship between media violence and real violence is far more complicated than we want it to be.
iPhone User

Apple: Video Games Shouldn’t Address Controversial Issues

Mass Effect 3

Video Games Make You Complicit in Their Characters’ Actions, and That’s a Good Thing

Mature games may increasingly become truly “mature” in the sense that they challenge the player to grow up and think long and hard about the ramifications of their actions.
Infinity Blade

The Infinity Blade Games’ Worldbuilding Is Deceptively Simple

Perfect Strangers: The Video Game

Let Balki Help You Chase Your Dreams In “Perfect Strangers: The Video Game”

The Perfect Strangers-inspired video game that you’ve always dreamed about is finally a reality.

BrowserQuest Lets You Relive the Days of Classic Video Games via HTML5 Goodness

16-bit nostalgia as well as more proof that Flash is becoming increasingly irrelevant and unnecessary in today’s web environment.
Mass Effect 3

Thoughts on Mass Effect 3

Put simply, the more I reflect on my Mass Effect 3 experience, the more disappointed and underwhelmed I become.
Mass Effect 3

A Couple of Excellent Portal Shorts

These two shorts explore the “Portal” universe is two very different ways, but they’re both awesome.
Video Game Controller

Why Parents (and Everyone Else) Should Be Glad SCOTUS Ruled in Favor of Violent Video Games

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever, 2K Games, and The Redner Group

2K Games fires their PR agency because they flew off the handle. Is that what Duke would do?
Dragon Age 2

How Dragon Age 2 Undermines Its Own Narrative

Dragon Age 2 aims to tell an epic, involving storyline, but thanks to unreliable narration and poor plotting, it consistently prevents you from experiencing one.
Mass Effect 2

Thoughts on Mass Effect 2

While Mass Effect 2 has topnotch graphics and voice acting, its biggest selling point remains the thorny, thought-provoking moral dilemmas that it places before the player.


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