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Google Reader

Reactions to Google Reader’s Impending Demise

Google Reader has always had a small, but pretty vocal group of supporters, and I’m one of them.
Google Reader

Man Uses Google Earth to Find the Family He Lost

​This might be the most amazing story you read all week.

What does it really mean to be a music lover?

Can you really call yourself a music lover if you’re not supporting the artists responsible for the music you have?

The Internet Is Killing the Porn Industry

Safari 5 Reader

Safari 5’s “Reader” and the Death of Web Publishing


Is blogging dead? (No, not really…)

The reports of blogging’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Africa’s Technology Boom

With its various disparities, Africa is going to be very interesting to watch in the coming years.

The Online Campaign to Defame a Korean Hip-Hop Star


The Mind-Boggling Scale of Porn Websites

One author estimates that porn accounts for 30% of all of the data transferred on the internet.
Facebook Screenshot

How Facebook Could Make Sharing Meaningless

So-called frictionless sharing risks making Facebook statuses less trustworthy.

Does Apple’s Siri really have a pro-life bias?

Steve Jobs

Thank You, Steve

Some thoughts on the death and legacy of Steve Jobs.


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