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A Christmas Prince - Alex Zamm

Should Netflix care how much you watched A Christmas Prince?

We need to get over any notion we might have that online services like Netflix are neutral platforms, or platforms that care about us.
Take On Me

Thanks to A-ha’s “Take On Me,” I Finally See Augmented Reality’s Potential

This is truly a brave new world in which we live.

A Critique of Verizon’s User Dashboard (or, That One Time When Verizon Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack)

User interface widgets should be clear, concise, and never demand more of the user’s time than absolutely necessary.
Google Play Music Logo

Google Play Music Has What I’ve Been Looking for Since Rdio Died

If you miss the way Rdio’s queue worked, Google Play Music has you covered.
Rdio Player

Rest in Peace, Rdio

Maybe someday, something will come along that matches Rdio’s simplicity and elegance, but I’m not holding my breath.
Record Player

Music Doesn’t Have to Sound Good to Be Good

The experience of listening to music is so much more than simply the music’s audio fidelity.
Light Pulses

Building Better Blog Networks

Blog networks can be powerful tools, but they’re only as good as the support they offer their bloggers, and there’s plenty of room for improvement there.
Light Pulses

Comments Suck (Exhibit #2784)

Sites reveal new commenting policies that are necessary because comments suck.
Medium Logo

Regarding Medium

I like Medium from a certain design and technical perspective, but I have no plans to ever write there.
Medium Logo

Post-Snowden Cluelessness

Apparently, neither the British government nor the news media understand how computers actually work.
Medium Logo

Why Privacy Matters Even If You Have “Nothing to Hide”


Dumped by Google

A situation that reveals just how little accountability Google has to us, their users.


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