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Star Trek Has Always Been More Religious Than Its Creators Want or Realize

It’s a stretch to say that “religion basically no longer exists” in the Star Trek universe.
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The Value of Valuing Your Church’s Kids

Show your church’s kids that they matter to the church body as a whole.
Donald Trump

Dear NPR: There Are More Reasons to Reject Donald Trump Than “Two Corinthians”

Focusing on his “mispronunciation” (again) overlooks a host of much more valid reasons.
Doctor Strange - Scott Derrickson

My Favorite Christ and Pop Culture Articles of 2016

Obviously, I’m a little biased, but I was once again impressed by the site’s depth and breadth of coverage.
The Cross and the Flag

Russell Moore: “Can the Religious Right Be Saved?”

Christians must seriously consider what, exactly, informs and shapes our primary identity. (Hint: It’s not Republican politics.)

The Church Needs Music That’s More Than Just “Positive and Encouraging”

If the Bible has room for Job, Psalm 88, and Lamentations, then the Church’s music should have room for such content, too.
DC Talk

Youth Group Nostalgia Can Be Bittersweet

As I’ve heard more stories from folks my age about their church experiences, I realize how fortunate I was as a kid.
Capc Goes To Movies

Christ and Pop Culture Goes to the Movies (2015 Edition)

The book costs $4.99 on Amazon and is free for Christ and Pop Culture members.

Shining a Light on Jesus People USA’s Dark Legacy

How do I make sense of JPUSA’s positive influence on my life in light of the damage it’s done in the lives of so many others?

I’m Not So Sure I Want to Live an Epic Life

I might want to live an epic life of greatness, but I’m not sure that I can. Furthermore, I’m not even sure that I’m supposed to want to live such a life.
Attack on Titan

Exploring Anime from a Christian Perspective

This may be the only anime article you’ll read that mentions Bertrand Russell in a review of Attack on Titan.
Portrait of Martin Luther

Martin Luther Didn’t “Redeem” Secular Songs & Neither Should We


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