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Star Wars 7 Force Awakens Poster International

Reading: The ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Edition

A round-up of interesting ‘Star Wars’ articles, from the series’ relationship to Gnosticism to its relationship with millennials.
Hackers Movie

Reading: Hackers, MST3K, The Silver Surfer, Nativity Scenes, Prayer Shaming & more

Also: Living in a hologram, Halo’s storytelling shortcomings, Sanjay’s Super Team, and Star Wars economics.
Justice League Unlimited

Reading: Justice League, Rdio’s Death, DC Talk, Refugees & Compassion, Killing Baby Hitler & more

Also: Peter Jackson and the “Hobbit” movies, engineers vs. programmers, and the impossibility of interstellar travel.
The Innocence Mission

Reading: The Innocence Mission, Final Fantasy X, Video game girlfriends, Donald Trump, Bacon & more

Also: Technology and dead relatives, Stephen King vs. Stanley Kubrick, midnight movies, creatio ex nihilo, and Ms. Marvel.
Batman #44

Reading: Comic Book Theology, Evangelion, Sexual Abuse in the Bible, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Christian Expansion, & More

Also: Alien civilizations, musical nostalgia, revisiting classic Christian albums, video games as digital literature, social media darkness, music’s ongoing devaluation, and removing advertising’s influence.
Death Parade, Yuzuru Tachikawa

Reading: Death Parade, Zhang Yimou, mewithoutYou, DJ Shadow, Donald Trump, Hideo Kojima & more

Also: Bernie Sanders, the coddling of the American mind, Kendrick Lamar’s spirituality, Kim Davis, Doctor Who, and Superman’s new relevance.
Dead Can Dance (The Early Days)

Reading: Dead Can Dance’s Origins, Internet Outrage, Bill Cosby, Penn & Teller, Mad Max, the Death of the Universe & more

Also: Planned Parenthood, building Minas Tirith, the state of web design, atheists and Christian rock, and more.
Arrested Development

Reading: Arrested Development & Biblical Hermeneutics, Fatherhood & The Flash, Gawker’s Implosion, Apple Music & more

Also: Discernment blogs, Planned Parenthood, the search for alien life, ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,’ and H.P. Lovecraft’s ongoing relevance.
Jim Gaffigan

Reading: Jim Gaffigan, Submarine Life, Metalhead Kids, Reimagining Final Fantasy VII, 50 Years of Dune & more

Also: Living a life of sacrifice, crazy VHS cover art, ‘Bloom County’ returns, porn gets even sadder in virtual reality, J.R.R. Tolkien discusses marriage, and Flash must die.
Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Reading: Charleston & the Confederate Flag, Christopher Lee, mewithoutYou, the IKEA Church, Punk Rock Sells Out & More

Also: Terrible dads in fiction, DuckDuckGo, and more Charleston-related links.
Mad Max: Fury Road

Reading: Mad Max, The Declining Winter, The Flash, Poor Old Lu and The Prayer Chain, Dangerous Family Films & more

Also: The elitism of the current technology boom, ‘Daredevil,’ Sufjan Stevens and broken love, and biblical hermeneutics with Terrence Malick.
Monkess the Homunculus

A Little Homunculus Needs Your Help to Tell Her Story

Monkess the Homunculus celebrates friendship and adventure and the entire mystery of life.


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