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Altered Carbon

Weekend Reads: Altered Carbon’s Sexuality, Ice Skating Narratives, Masturbatory Worship Music, Secularizing Lent & more

Also: Dystopia’s downfall, the Church and authenticity, information apocalypse, sexual assault at the Alamo Drafthouse, and C.S. Lewis’s influence on Neil Gaiman.
Facebook App Icon

Weekend Reads: Social Media Woes, Designing Emoji, Star Trek, Viral Videos & more

Also: The wonders of outer space, childrens stories, missile warnings and UI design, understanding the Bible’s story.

Weekend Reads: Grunge’s Rise & Fall, Music’s Future, Midi-chlorians, Logan Paul, Woody Allen & more

Also: The downside of algorithms, movie gun violence, John Williams, enjoying art by sexual predators, and diversity and movie criticism.
Le Samouraï - Jean-Pierre Melville

Weekend Reads: Hitman Movies, Thor: Ragnarok, Twin Peaks, Cyberpunk, God’s Niceness & more

Also: Stranger Things’ best mom, Facebook’s effect on society, The Last Jedi, year-end lists, and American Christianity’s decline.
Star Wars Logo

Weekend Reads: New Star Wars Trilogy, Tarantino’s Star Trek, Online Harassment & more

Also: Baby Driver’s success, London’s best restaurant(?), irrational math, 404 errors, and political disengagement and upheaval.
Vagrant Story

Weekend Reads: Vagrant Story, Stranger Things & Adoption, Donnie Darko, Firefox Quantum, the NFL’s Impending Demise & more

Also: Indie record labels, the new Blade Runner, Star Wars timeline, Mad Max: Fury Road, a history of Photoshop, Origen, and science and religion.
Transformers The Movie

Weekend Reads: Transformers, Embryos & Ethical Dilemmas, Worshipping Artificial Intelligence, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & more

Also: Online dating, IVF’s dark side, technology and our brains, recent, Christ and Pop Culture highlights, and the modern western.
Star Trek: Discovery

Weekend Reads: Star Trek: Discovery, Apple’s Bad Design, Satanists & Video Games, the End of Football, Rick & Morty

Also: TV storytelling, the universe’s simulation, Tolkien video games, Facebook’s evolution, David Bazan, a lament for Twitter, and more.

Weekend Reads: The Terminator’s Back, Star Trek & Religion, Movie Theatres Suck, Silicon Valley Silliness

Also: Amazon’s new sci-fi titles, The Prisoner, VidAngel, Donald Trump takes on the NFL, Facebook and Russia, and much more.
Facebook Screenshot

Weekend Reads: (Dis)Trusting Facebook, Silicon Valley Backlash, Netflix’s Atypical, Pizza Hut Nostalgia & more

Also: Artificial intelligence and “gaydar,” popular Star Trek episodes, Hollywood’s decline, Asian shoegaze, and imagining aliens.

Weekend Reads: Japan Needs Ninjas, DuckTales & Family, Google’s Evil(?), Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker & more

Also: Netflix and Facebook know a lot about you, revisiting U2’s POP, finding God in the eclipse, Trump’s effect on American Christianity, and nostalgic web design.
Donald Trump

Weekend Reads: Donald Trump & Evangelicals, Charlottesville, Biblical Literacy, Prince’s Official Purple & more

Also: Waiting for your favorite authors, the allure of magic, publishing trends, shoegaze protest, and the dark matter enigma.


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