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Twenty Years and Counting - Various Artists

I’m Celebrating 20 Years of Blogging with Opus’ First Compilation: Twenty Years and Counting

This compilation spotlights the diversity of musical talent that Opus has focused on over the years.

I’ve Been Writing on the Web for 20 Years

Writing online can now seem trivial but I’m proud of my 20-year legacy. Here’s to 20 more years.

Opus in Numbers (2016 Edition)

2016 was actually a pretty good year — at least as far as Opus’ analytics were concerned.
Opus Logo Comparison

A Tale of Two Logos (or, Now Let’s SVG All the Things)

I redesigned Opus’ logo because I wanted to make my website faster. Did it work?
Video Game Designer

Train up a Child: Video Game Designer

His first contribution to the vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up genre.
Opus Logo

Behind the Scenes of Opus’ 5th Phase

Opus’ new phase gives me a level of freedom and control that I’ve never had before with the site.
Opus Logo

15 Years of Opus

Reflections on Opus’ first 15 years, plus a reading list of some of Opus’ best articles, reviews, and interviews to date.
Three Beauties

My Three Beauties

Simon & Clara

Brother & Sister



​Here she is, my beautiful baby girl.

A New Writing Gig: Christ and Pop Culture

I’ve recently begun contributing articles to Christ and Pop Culture.
Hand In Hand

Why Parents Hate Parenting


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