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Awesome Star Trek Series That Never Were

Discussing ‘Star Trek: Federation’ and ‘Star Trek: Final Frontier.’
Daft Punk Mashup Visual

An Awesome HTML5/CSS3 Visualization of the “Definitive Daft Punk” Mash-up

Opthomas Prime

Opthomas Prime Is Ready to Bust Some Buffers

Transformers and Thomas the Tank Engine, together at last.
Star Trek: TNG Crew

CaPC Update: “Character Flaws and the ‘Final Frontier’”

My latest Christ and Pop Culture article looks at the flaws in Star Trek’s vision of a flawless humanity.
Flight of the Navigator - Randal Kleiser

My Obligatory Flight of the Navigator Entry

In which I probably write way too much about what was my favorite movie for part of my childhood.
Flight of the Navigator - Randal Kleiser

There’s a party goin’ Tron tonight

L.B. Rayne takes you straight to “The Groove Grid.”
Cornhusker Fans

Who Are the Biggest Nerds?

There’s no use denying it: football fans are nerds of the highest order.

Beyond the Glowing Cave: Some Thoughts on Lost

The finale revealed a complete and utter disregard for the show’s mythology.

The Old Starbuck Hates the New Battlestar Galactica


What happened to all of the Heroes?

So far, Heroes’ third season has lost sight of much of what made the series so great in the first place.

Let’s All Get Spaced!

There are many reasons to love Spaced, even if you’re not a pop culture geek. However, if you are one, that’s when the series’ true beauty and depth is revealed.
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ExpressionEngine: One Year Later

It’s a rare thing when a software package has so much impact on your life.


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