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Random Nerdery: iZombie, Wilde Life, Blossom Detective Holmes

The CW’s zombies returns for season 4, a supernatural comic book, and Sherlock Holmes gets an anime twist.
Silver Surfer - Dan Slott, Michael Allred

Soaring Through the Spaceways With the Silver Surfer (Review)

Dan Slott and Mike Allred’s take on the Silver Surfer is a far cry from the comics of my youth — for better and worse.
Black Dynamite - Scott Sanders

Random Nerdery: Black Dynamite, Billy Joel & H.P. Lovecraft, Summer of ‘84, Animaniacs

A screen legend is back, a musical match made in R’lyeh, more ’80s nostalgia, and the return of the Warner Brothers and their sister.
Bruce Lee's Lightsaber

Random Nerdery: Bruce Lee’s Lightsaber, a 16-bit Last Jedi, Reviews of Black Science & The Bone Clocks

Nunchaku lightsabers kick ass; the controversial Star Wars climax goes vintage; and reviews of a reality-hopping family drama and a psychic-powered modern fantasy.
Bright - David Ayer

Random Nerdery: Netflix’s Bright, IDW’s G.I. Joe, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

More orc cop action is heading our way, G.I. Joe comics move beyond mere nostalgia, and crazy kaiju action comes to Netflix.
G.I. Joe Phantom X-19 Stealth Fighter

G.I. Joe’s Phantom X-19: The Best Toy Stealth Fighter

It’s a shame that a vehicle so cool never figured more prominently in the G.I. Joe mythos.
Altered Carbon

Random Nerdery: Netflix’s Altered Carbon, Alita: Battle Angel & Mamoru Hosoda’s Latest

Netflix’s upcoming series gets dystopic, an acclaimed cyberpunk manga is coming to live action, and a modern anime master returns.
Star Wars Logo

Random Nerdery: Star Wars, Tsutomu Nihei’s Blame!, and The Silver Chair

A new Star Wars trilogy, Netflix plans a Blame! sequel, and Eleven might be going to Narnia.
Star Trek Logo

Star Trek Has Always Been More Religious Than Its Creators Want or Realize

It’s a stretch to say that “religion basically no longer exists” in the Star Trek universe.
Cowboy Bebop

10 of My Favorite Anime Openings: Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Last Exile, Paranoia Agent & more

The best openings offer condensed versions of everything that’s good and promising about the title in question.
Stranger Things Season 2 Monster

Random Nerdery: Stranger Things, Thor: Ragnarok, Blade Runner 2049, Young Justice & more

Cool news and trailers coming out of Comic-Con 2017, plus more.
Black Panther Drawing

Random Nerdery: Black Panther, Adam West RIP, Bioware’s Anthem & Netflix’s Godzilla Anime

The latest Marvel superhero teaser, the death of a comic book icon, Bioware’s next original title, and the big G gets animated.


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