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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash #1

The Beautiful World of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

All flaws aside, there’s no denying that this anime series is visually stunning.
Violet Evergarden

Netflix Is Bringing Us a Lot of Anime in 2018

The streaming service will produce 30 anime titles alone next year.
Crest of the Stars

I Would Definitely Watch a Crest of the Stars Remake

Hiroyuki Morioka’s space opera boasts impressive world-building, complex storylines, and a realistic approach to space combat.
Cowboy Bebop

10 of My Favorite Anime Openings: Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Last Exile, Paranoia Agent & more

The best openings offer condensed versions of everything that’s good and promising about the title in question.
A Silent Voice - Naoko Yamada

Anime Previews: A Silent Voice, Genocidal Organ, Godzilla, and the Return of FLCL

Visually stunning melodrama, hardcore sci-fi action, futuristic kaiju, and the return of a zany classic.
My Neighbor Totoro - Hayao Miyazaki

Studio Ghibli Fest 2017

An excellent opportunity to see some of the greatest and most beloved animated films of all time.
Blame, Tsutomu Nihei

Netflix’s Blame! Adequately Captures the Spirit of Tsutomu Nihei’s Cyberpunk Manga (Review)

But those hoping to see lots of the manga’s vast, dystopian weirdness may be slightly disappointed.
Your Name - Makoto Shinkai

Random Thoughts (and Theories) About Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name

Makoto Shinkai’s latest is a thoughtful, winsome, and visually gorgeous film.
Kiki's Delivery Service Radio

Tune in to Radio Ghibli and Enjoy Classic Studio Ghibli Soundtracks

These hour-long mixes of Studio Ghibli music reveal a body of work that’s also deserving of recognition.
Attack on Titan Season 2

Attack on Titan’s Second Season Reveals “The New Darkest Day in Humanity’s History”

The human-devouring giants are back, along with more existential dread, bloody melodrama, and high-flying action.
Ocean Waves - Tomomi Mochizuki

Studio Ghibli’s Ocean Waves and Princess Mononoke Are Coming to American Theatres

This marks the first time that “Ocean Waves” will get a theatrical run throughout North America.
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress - Tetsuro Araki

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress May Help Fill That Attack on Titan-Sized Void in Your Life (Review)

The latest from Wit Studio and Tetsurō Araki is a gruesome, action-packed series featuring human-devouring monsters and steampunk samurai.


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