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My Childhood Home

Sometimes You Really Can’t Go Home Again

The demolition of my childhood home and the impermanence of memory.
RAIJ Live 3

Reading: Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, Star Trek: Discovery, MST3K, Fearing the Alt-Left & More

Also: Screwing over creatives, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s narrative flaws, saving old TV shows, redeeming nostalgia, touring Apple’s new campus, hand-coding CSS, and a better pro-life approach.
Tooth & Nail Catalog 01

This Tooth & Nail Records Catalog Is a ’90s Christian Music Time Capsule

I’d spend hours poring over catalogs like these, trying to decide what music to buy with my meager college paychecks.
Flight of the Navigator - Randal Kleiser

My Obligatory Flight of the Navigator Entry

In which I probably write way too much about what was my favorite movie for part of my childhood.
Record Player

The Changing Sounds of Musical Nostalgia

What musical element will cause someone who is currently fourteen or fifteen to wax nostalgic when they hear that same song in their thirties?
Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite and Nostalgia Trips

I think the reason I reacted so strongly to the movie is that it was very nostalgic for me.
Napoleon Dynamite



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