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My Favorite Macross Mecha

Forget about characters and plot. My favorite aspect of “Macross” has always been its amazing mecha designs.
Rogue One

Random Nerdery: Macross, Star Wars, Voltron, and Thunderbirds Are Go

Transforming mecha and the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” make everything better.

Everything You Need to Know About Robotech


Awesome Macross Artwork From Tenjin Hidetaka

Pure nerd crack.
Macross Zero

Macross Zero, Episode 1 by Shoji Kawamori (Review)

Even if you finish the episode a little confused on the plot (and you will), you’ll still be blown away by the episode’s visuals.
Macross Plus

Macross Plus: The Movie by Shoji Kawamori (Review)

It successfully combines high-tech action sequences with some interesting, if not moving human interest stories.
Macross II

Macross II: The Movie by Kenichi Yatsuya, Kenichi Yatagai (Review)

If you’ve got a few spare bucks and two hours to kill, Macross II might be worth a rental.


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