October 2016 Archives

Doctor Strange - Scott Derrickson

Random Nerdery: Doctor Strange, The Incredibles 2, Apple.com, Font Awesome & Brandon Sanderson

The Sorcerer Supreme reigns, Frozone returns, following Apple’s website through the years, a great icon font gets better, and more epic fantasy is coming to the box office.
The Cross and the Flag

Russell Moore: “Can the Religious Right Be Saved?”

Christians must seriously consider what, exactly, informs and shapes our primary identity. (Hint: It’s not Republican politics.)

A Critique of Verizon’s User Dashboard (or, That One Time When Verizon Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack)

User interface widgets should be clear, concise, and never demand more of the user’s time than absolutely necessary.
Sleep Experiments

In Rotation: Sleep Experiments, Atomine Elektrine, The Radio Dept. & Circle of Dust (Review)

Autumnal dream-pop, cosmic electronic music, impeccable Swedish pop, and the final Circle of Dust reissue.
Luke Cage

Random Nerdery: Luke Cage, Stranger Things, Descender & Rogue One

Some humorous video mash-ups, a space opera comic title, and some über-nerdy trailer analysis.


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