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Handful of Snowdrops

Handful of Snowdrops Cover Clan of Xymox’s “Back Door”

The classic 4AD song gets a modern update that highlights everything good about it.
Lift to Experience

Listen to a Clip From Lift to Experience’s Remastered Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads

The ‘Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads’ remaster will be released this fall.
Slow City, Liz Janes

Slow City by Liz Janes (Review)

A wonderfully direct and captivating album, though it’s somewhat hampered by some muddled production.
William Ryan Fritch

In Rotation: Winter Severity Index, William Ryan Fritch, 2814 & Eco Virtual (Review)

Wintry darkwave, glorious orchestral-folk cacophonies, sleepy urban soundscapes, and vaporwave muzak.
Salon Pedophile

Salon Takes Us Inside a Pedophile Fantasy

One can’t escape the feeling that this particular aesthetic choice was unnecessarily sensational and deeply misguided.

Parenting vs. Creativity

In our desire to feel productive and in control lies a temptation to compartmentalize our lives.
Dead Can Dance

The Majestic Music of Dead Can Dance

I’m struck yet again by the primal-yet-artful beauty that fills Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard’s music.
Hyper Light Drifter, Disasterpeace

Hyper Light Drifter (Original Soundtrack) by Disasterpeace (Review)

Disasterpeace’s evocative soundtrack is reason enough to play “Hyper Light Drifter.”
The Cure (2016)

The Cure Revealed Two New Songs on Their New Tour

I daresay they’re some of the best material The Cure has produced in quite some time.
Structures From Silence Remaster

Reflecting on Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence

An interview sheds some insight into the creation of the ambient classic.
Donald Trump

Regarding Trump

Thanks to Trump, it’s rather heartbreaking to be anywhere on the conservative range of the political spectrum.
Ms. Marvel

When Reading Comic Books Made Me a Better Parent

A meditation on parenting and “Ms. Marvel,” one of the most delightful comic books I’ve read in quite some time.


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