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Floaters, Lightning Bug

Floaters by Lightning Bug (Review)

It’s not often that an album comes from out of nowhere and immediately charms and enchants you. This is one of those albums.
Space Jam Website

The Space Jam Website as Nostalgia Trip & Historical Document

For the record, I still optimize my websites’ images with 56K modems in mind.
Dead Can Dance (The Early Days)

Reading: Dead Can Dance’s Origins, Internet Outrage, Bill Cosby, Penn & Teller, Mad Max, the Death of the Universe & more

Also: Planned Parenthood, building Minas Tirith, the state of web design, atheists and Christian rock, and more.
3D Miyazaki Tribute

Watch This Lovely 3D Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki (and Preorder This Miyazaki Blu-ray Collection)

Paris-based filmmaker “dono” condenses everything that’s good and golden about Miyazaki’s work into three minutes.


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