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Makeup & Vanity Set

Finding a Path Through the Wilderness: An Interview with Makeup & Vanity Set

Makeup & Vanity Set’s Matthew Pusti discusses his new album’s origins, its accompanying short film, the legacy of the ’80s, and much more.
Tie Fighter

The Empire Destroys Some Rebel Scum in This Tie Fighter Fan Film

An incredible work of fandom that pays tribute to classic “Star Wars” as well as vintage anime titles like “Robotech.”
Hazy Future

Reading: Christ and Pop Culture, Faith & Family Films, Perd Hapley, Kendrick Lamar, Martial Arts Comedy, and More

Also: Getting offended at college, thoughtful communication, evangelical fiction’s hypocrisy, surviving movie bar fights, and more.
Candy, Darling?, Luxury

Candy, Darling? by The Shroud (Review)

An interesting glimpse of the earlier days of a band currently enjoying a renaissance.
Mew performing Snow Brigade

I Will Gladly March in Mew’s Snow Brigade

There’s something ridiculously awesome about my favorite Mew moment.
Disasters, Carlos Forster

Disasters by Carlos Forster (Review)

Disasters isn’t just Forster’s most experimental release to date; it’s also one of his best and most emotional.
Sin Disease

Burnt Toast Vinyl Is Giving Scaterd Few’s Sin Disease a 25th Anniversary Reissue

Scaterd Few’s blistering debut may be one of the greatest Christian albums that nobody seems to know about.
Kanye West

Reading: Kanye West, “Blurred Lines,” Bill Watterson, CIA iPhone Hacking, DuckTales, Loving Uncool Songs, and More

Also: The trouble with David Bazan, website URLs suck, Japanese web design trends, super-pricey vinyl, the right way to read Narnia, and fixing Spotify.
Mood, Noah

Mood by Noah (Review)

The sort of downtempo music that’s best listened to when you’re too tired to stay awake but not tired enough to go to bed yet.

Listen to Two Songs from Mew’s Upcoming Album

The band’s upcoming album — their “most versatile yet” — will be released on April 27.
Mr. Spock

Reading: Mr. Spock RIP, Agent Carter, Power Rangers Go Dark, Synth-Pop Primer, Celebrating Husker Football, and More

Also, celebrating ‘M*A*S*H,’ the nerdiness of ‘Parks and Recreation,’ the mix tape’s legacy, and more.


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