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Hypnosis, Desiderii Marginis

Hypnosis by Desiderii Marginis (Review)

Hypnosis is difficult material that takes the listener on a mental journey through surreal and haunting places.
The Unforgettable Fire - U2

Reading: U2’s “Unforgettable Fire,” Beauty & Suffering, “Pulp Fiction,” Pedophiles, Gamergate & more

Also: The problem of online moderation and misogyny, loving your hometown, hunting down time travelers, my favorite horror movie, and friendships between atheists and believers.
Outsiders EP, CFCF

Outsiders EP by CFCF (Review)

For all of their engineering, programming, and whatnot, it’s to Silver’s credit that these songs never seem sterile or artificial.
Opus Logo

Behind the Scenes of Opus’ 5th Phase

Opus’ new phase gives me a level of freedom and control that I’ve never had before with the site.

Reading: Traveling in Japan, Lovecraftian Racism, Shrinking Netflix, Farewell to Sports, Online Trolls Keep Winning & more

Also: Managing childbirth expectations, online assumptions, reviving Star Trek, Left Behind flaws, and David Bazan.

7 Simple Truths About Blogging

I certainly don’t consider myself a pundit by any means, but I do think I’ve learned a thing or two after having written online for so long.
88:88 Remixes

88:88 Remixes by Various Artists (Review)

Not all of the remixers remain faithful to Makeup and Vanity Set’s sonic aesthetic, and thankfully so.
Facebook Screenshot

Reading: Facebook’s Experiments, Ello’s Value, Revisiting Mac OS 9, Recommending “The Road,” Your Brain on Video Games & More

Also: Movie theaters vs. movie studios, MST3K and the Gospel, the problem with prequels, the history of hold music, and censoring classic works of art.
There is No Perfect Place

There is No Perfect Place by Memory Drawings (Review)

The sort of meandering instrumental music that makes you yearn for autumn to paint the leaves and bring a sharp edge to the air.
Dangerous Days by Perturbator

Dangerous Days by Perturbator (Review)

Perturbator’s music can be deeper and more affecting than its “shocking” artwork and cyberpunk themes initially suggest.


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