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Download Projekt Records’ “Summer 2014” Electronic/Ambient Sampler


Reading: Movies & Your Brain, Beyoncé vs. Sofia, Don’t Call Me “Bro,” Escher Girls, The Simpsons’ Legacy & more

Also: The story behind a new HTML tag, Facebook damages public discourse, developing virtue, and leaked nude celebrity pics.
Under My Skin I Am Laughing - Earwig

Download Earwig’s Discography for Free

Listen to the seeds of what groups like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gang Gang Dance, and HTRK would be doing two decades later.
Aphex Blimp

Aphex Blimp Day

Guardians of the Galaxy

What Made Guardians of the Galaxy So Darn Good?

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15 Years of Opus

Reflections on Opus’ first 15 years, plus a reading list of some of Opus’ best articles, reviews, and interviews to date.
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A Cry for Help From Iraq

The world is very far from being a safe and just place.
Weird Al

Reading: Weird Al’s Halftime Show, Facebook & OKCupid, Terminator Spoilers, Shoegaze Revival & More

Also: Nobody likes Richard Dawkins, dealing with Gungor’s doubts, and C.S. Lewis’ importance.


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