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Everything You Need to Know About Robotech

Video Game Controller

Do video games really make kids kill people?

The relationship between media violence and real violence is far more complicated than we want it to be.
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Regarding Medium

I like Medium from a certain design and technical perspective, but I have no plans to ever write there.
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Post-Snowden Cluelessness

Apparently, neither the British government nor the news media understand how computers actually work.
Moon Tides, Pure Bathing Culture

Moon Tides by Pure Bathing Culture (Review)

Pure Bathing Culture’s music does contain that ’80s vibe that’s all the rage thanks to chillwave, etc., but these songs are more than exercises in musical nostalgia.
Harvey Weinstein

Why does Harvey Weinstein think Americans are too stupid for Asian cinema?

The producer wants to give Wong Kar-Wai and Bong Joon-ho’s latest films his infamous treatment.
Harvey Weinstein

What happens to a blog when the blogger is sick for two weeks?

It’s amazing how much time you find to read when you have no energy to write.


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