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“A Long Defeat, A Final Victory”

Methinks there are worse people than Gandalf to consult when it comes to wisdom re. politics.
Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet Piano Magic

Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet by Piano Magic (Review)

Their despair was once captivating and even invigorating but now it just feels like they’re taking the piss out of folks.
The Tree of Life, Terence Malick

An Atheist’s Response to The Tree of Life

David Silverman says the film highlights “the negative impact that religion has on grief.”

Fifteen Myths about Bible Translation

There’s more to a biblical translation than meets the eye.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor

The Guardian Interviews Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Oh Godspeed, how I’ve missed you so.

Disney Is Remaking Condorman… No Really, They Are

As long the Condorman remake keeps the Condorcar chase scene, I’m cool with this.

Man Uses Google Earth to Find the Family He Lost

​This might be the most amazing story you read all week.


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