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The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra: A Review of the First Two Episodes

Overall, I was impressed with how “The Legend of Korra” maintained continuity with the original “Avatar” series while forging its own path.
The Legend of Korra

Two Stories of Human Suffering and Strength

One comes from North Korea, the other from Mauritania.

Playing Dungeons & Dragons for the First Time

Mass Effect 3

Thoughts on Mass Effect 3

Put simply, the more I reflect on my Mass Effect 3 experience, the more disappointed and underwhelmed I become.
Mass Effect 3

A Non-Programmer Tries to Learn Ruby, Track down a Lost Programmer

I love it when non-nerds dive into nerdery and talk about their experiences as open-mindedly and even-handedly as Lowrey does here.
Mass Effect 3

An Introduction to “Library Music”

Ghost Box et al. seem fixated on exploring a future envisioned by the past, a future that will never be.
Mass Effect 3

Why is bleak music so widespread these days?

Mister Rogers

Revisiting Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

And it’s just as charming and delightful as ever.
Lightfoils EP

Lightfoils EP by Lightfoils (Review)

A solid debut, as well as one of the best and most gripping shoegazer releases I’ve heard in months.

Sanitized Worship Music


Ethicists Argue There’s No Difference Between Aborting Fetuses and Killing Newborns

Killing an otherwise healthy baby would be acceptable were its neurological development somehow deemed less than desirable.


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