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The Power (and Persecution) of Introverts

C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis: “The Hopeless Disharmony…”

C.S. Lewis

“Why is it so hard for us to imagine Jesus vomiting?”

Three Beauties

My Three Beauties

Three Beauties

If I love Jesus, do I really need to hate religion?

You may say that I’m simply quibbling over semantics here… and that’s precisely what I’m doing.
Ghost Colored Halo EP - lovesliescrushing

Ghost Colored Halo EP by Lovesliescrushing (Review)

A fascinating paradox has been at work in the heart of lovesliescrushing’s music for two decades now.
Gold, Starflyer 59

Revisiting Starflyer 59’s Gold

Live-tweeting my way through Starflyer 59’s second album.
Simon & Clara

Brother & Sister

Galactic Center

“We are living in a universe uncalculable by science.”

I find the relationship and interplay between science and philosophy fascinating.


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