November 2011 Archives

The Perfect Online Publication

Brent Simmons has compiled a list of rules for making the perfect online publication.
The Avalanches

A New-Ish Mix from The Avalanches: “Soca! Sirens! Brains!”

Contains moments of undeniable brilliance, moments that make you long for a new proper album all the moreso.
The Avalanches

Visiting the Set of Ilya Khrzhanovsky’s Dau

Kate Bush

Regarding Kate Bush’s 50 Words For Snow

Bush’s latest album overshadows much of what I’ve heard this year.

Domino Records to “Recollect” and Reissue Hood’s Albums, EPs, Unreleased

One of Opus’ favorite bands gets the deluxe reissue treatment.

Rediscovering Howard Pyle

The Immensity of Unstained Light - Language of Landscape

The Immensity of Unstained Light by Language Of Landscape (Review)

Language of Landscape’s final release is a graceful, evocative end for the duo.


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