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Satoshi Kon

Satoshi Kon’s Last Words

Shortly after his death, Satoshi Kon’s family posted these final words on his blog.
All Delighted People - Sufjan Stevens

All Delighted People EP by Sufjan Stevens (Review)

“All Delighted People” contains some of the most ambitious music Sufjan has recorded to date, but it’s still just as heartfelt and poignant as ever.
Sci-fi Space

Science Fiction’s Prophetic Role

Sci-fi works can function like Old Testament prophets and raise moral, ethical, and spiritual questions within the populace.

Bands I Miss: Labradford

The trio hasn’t released a new album since 2001’s Fixed::Context.
ExpressionEngine Logo

Is ExpressionEngine Becoming Too Expensive?

Let’s do a quick breakdown of the pricing of a “typical” ExpressionEngine site.


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