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A Kiss From Tokyo

A Kiss From Tokyo

Imagine Genndy Tartakovsky directing a mix of Danger: Diabolik and You Only Live Twice.
Haunt the Upper Hallways, The Declining Winter

Haunt the Upper Hallways by The Declining Winter (Review)

Haunt the Upper Hallways might sound awfully familiar if you’ve been a longtime Hood fan, but that doesn’t mean it’s stale or that there aren’t plenty of lovely moments throughout the album.
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

When we’re confronted by the death of someone so iconic, there’s a temptation to turn them into a caricature.
Opuszine Is Dead!

Opuszine Is Dead! Long Live Opus!

Facebook App Icon

Surprise, Surprise… Facebook Users Are Pissed off Again

I can never understand why people get their knickers in such a twist at the thought of Facebook changing something.


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