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Ester Drang

Bands I Miss: Ester Drang

Ester Drang has been responsible for two of the most amazing, moving concert experiences of my life.
ExpressionEngine Logo

My Favorite ExpressionEngine Add-Ons

There are a number of EE add-ons that have become de facto parts of my EE toolkit.
Nebraska License Plate

Here’s Your New License Plate Design, Nebraska; Don’t Let the Other States See You Cry

Star Trek, J.J. Abrams

Star Trek by J.J. Abrams (Review)

The filmmakers figured out exactly where they had to be reverent of ‘Star Trek’ canon, and where they could be fast and loose with it.
Hymn to the Immortal Wind

Hymn to the Immortal Wind by Mono (Review)

Where Mono does triumph, and what prevents them from sounding stale and repetitive, is the emotional heft that their music brings to bear.


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