June 2008 Archives

Wall-E - Andrew Stanton

Are conservatives going to be outraged by Wall-E?

Will you see the movie knowing that it makes fun of President Bush?
Blade Runner - Ridley Scott

Some Thoughts on Ridley Scott’s Changes in the “Final Cut” Of Blade Runner

The “Final Cut“‘s changes affect the way I interpret and contemplate the film’s themes and ideas.
Sex and the City

Seeing Through the Eyes of the Depraved

Sex and the City

Redeemer… And So It Begins

We’re figuring out how we, as a body, will both worship God and communicate the Gospel to downtown Lincoln.
Speed Racer

Speed Racer by The Wachowskis (Review)

Speed Racer is an undeniable treat. Not the healthiest or most thought-provoking treat, to be sure, but an incredibly fun and satisfying treat nevertheless.


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