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Toronto After Dark 2007

Big shock here, but the Toronto After Dark website is now running on ExpressionEngine.
Mew in Concert

Concert Review: Mew & Oh No! Oh My! (March 27, 2007, Lincoln, NE)

Mew put on a show that was, for lack of any better superlatives, mind-blowing.
Out of the Woods - Tracey Thorn

Out of the Woods by Tracey Thorn (Review)

What’s most gratifying about Out of the Woods is the appreciation it exudes for the simple graces of life.
Neon Bible, Arcade Fire

Neon Bible by Arcade Fire (Review)

Though less bombastic and fiery than Funeral, Arcade Fire’s sophomore album is no less powerful.
Danielson: A Family Movie, J.L. Aronson

Danielson: A Family Movie by J.L. Aronson (Review)

It’s an inspiring vision of the way music could be, of the way music perhaps should be — especially amidst Christian circles.
Painted Sky - Yellow6

Painted Sky by Yellow6 (Review)

I don’t have any problem calling this some of the best music I’ve heard from Yellow6 to date.
Painted Sky - Yellow6

I Could Crap Better Sleeve Art

Folks are frustrated that great movies, or at least movies that they love, consistently receive crappy treatment, and so they take matters into their own hands.
300 - Zack Snyder

300 by Zack Snyder (Review)

The film’s look is so hyper-realistic, so stylized, that it ends up feeling sterile and artificial.
300 - Zack Snyder


Battlestar Galactica

Well I’ll Be Frakked (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New Starbuck)

Brothers Martin

The Brothers Martin by The Brothers Martin (Review)

The Brothers Martin is equal parts Starflyer 59 and equal parts Joy Electric, not just a trip down nostalgia lane.


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