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Blue Angels

2006 Lincoln Air Show

Fearless Ronny Yu

Fearless by Ronny Yu (Review)

It’s obvious that this film is a personal project for Jet Li, one he cares deeply for.
Connectivity! - Mahogany

Connectivity! by Mahogany (Review)

Mahogany’s shimmering sounds evoke futuristic metropolises that only seem to exist in sci-fi movies and anime.
The Host

My TIFF 2006 Recap

A big surprise was the number of very commercial, audience-friendly films that I saw, and that those films were among the best, most rewarding films I saw.
iMac 24", 2006 Model

The New New iMacs

The more I think about it, the more I think these new iMacs might be the perfect computers for web designers.
Movie Audience

Movie Audiences Are Movie Audiences

Festival audiences, as a whole, are no more discerning, intelligent, thoughtful, or concerned than your typical megaplex crowd.
The Host

My 2006 TIFF Schedule

Mosaic, Wovenhand

Mosaic by Wovenhand (Review)

‘Mosaic’ displays both the greatest strengths of Woven Hand’s music as well as its greatest weaknesses.


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