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Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine by Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris (Review)

The constant quirkiness and oddity becomes as rote and routine as any generic Hollywood melodrama.
Head Warlock Double Stare - Freescha

Head Warlock Double Stare by Freescha (Review)

Head Warlock Double Stare delves into a broken, fractured take on analog synth music.
Pan's Labyrinth - Guillermo del Toro

The 2006 TIFF Line-up Is Here!

Just One Look - Yip Kam Hung

Just One Look by Yip Kam-Hung (Review)

A gently nostalgic, bittersweet look at how Asian films of yore shape the characters’ memories and actions.
In the Garden of Ghostflowers - Black Happy Day

In the Garden of Ghostflowers by Black Happy Day (Review)

Black Happy Day leaves the listener smack dab in the middle of a foreboding, constantly shifting environment.
raij 1

The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

Res Cogitans EP - Plumerai

Res Cogitans EP by Plumerai (Review)

Though not without its flaws, this EP is proof that Plumerai have things figured pretty well out.
Where the Days Go, July Skies

Where the Days Go by July Skies (Review)

Where The Days Go’s most interesting tracks are those that let a little noise scuff up July Skies’ burnished sound a bit.
Wedding Rings

One Year Down…

I don’t think I was properly prepared for just how much of marriage manifests itself in the absolute and complete ordinary.
Apophasis, Caul

Apophasis by Caul (Review)

As with all of Caul’s work, there can be beauty, reverence, and warmth, even in the darkest and most foreboding of places and sounds.
Everlasting - Robin Guthrie

Everlasting by Robin Guthrie (Review)

As familiar as Guthrie’s music might be, it rarely sounds stale or recycled.


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