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Remmings - Anoice

Remmings by Anoice (Review)

Anoice’s music has a definite maturity about it that belies the band’s relative newness.
S/T, Ceremony

Ceremony by Ceremony (Review)

These songs are composed as much of feedback, distortion, and tape hiss as they are chords and melodies.
Hellgate: London

Hellgate: London Website Review

This definitely sets the bar high for subsequent game websites.
Something Comes Our Way, Balun

Something Comes Our Way by Balún (Review)

The trio imbues their music with a certain youthful naiveté that can endear them to all but the most cynical of souls.
Flight of the Flynns - Kunek

Flight of the Flynns by Kunek (Review)

This music drifts by with poise and confidence.
Solo Guitar, Alan Sparhawk

Solo Guitar by Alan Sparhawk (Review)

The result is a twisted, screaming mass of feedback along the lines of David Pearce and Richard Walker’s finest moments.
Solo Guitar, Alan Sparhawk

Toronto After Dark

It Falls Apart, For Stars

It Falls Apart by For Stars (Review)

I can’t seem to find any evidence of For Stars’ continued existence, but It Falls Apart certainly has a “swansong” feel to it.
It Falls Apart, For Stars

CSS Mess

When working with something as flexible, liberating, and downright cool as CSS, it’s all too easy for common sense to fly out the window.


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