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Arche-Lymb - Depth Affect

Arche-Lymb by Depth Affect (Review)

An exhilarating of sampling, laptop electronica, glitch pop, and hip-hop.
Captain Yonder

Captain Yonder by Captain Yonder (Review)

Captain Yonder are at their best when Pfeiffer and Co. are busy drumming up a rollicking number.
Luo, Bad Loop

Luo by Bad Loop (Review)

Again, there’s a sense of vastness, and yet there’s none of the obligatory epic flourishes that one often hears in trance music.
Sha Po Lang, Wilson Yip

Sha Po Lang by Wilson Yip (Review)

When its firing on all cylinders, there’s nothing I love as much as Hong Kong cinema, and Sha Po Lang is a reminder of almost every reason why.
Vital, Shinya Tsukamoto

Vital by Shinya Tsukamoto (Review)

Not necessarily for the squeamish, but a surprisingly haunting treatise on death and memory.


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