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Tales From Turnpike House - Saint Etienne

Tales from Turnpike House by Saint Etienne (Review)

This is Saint Etienne doing what they do best: writing breathless, effortless pop songs populated with stories of heartache and longing.
Cassidy, Bows

Cassidy by Bows (Review)

There’s an expansiveness to Bows’ music that it makes seem better suited to the silver screen than on a simple stereo.
Preaching to the Fire - The Great Depression

Preaching to the Fire by The Great Depression (Review)

This gloomily lush, opaque pop unfolds with every listen to reveal an amazing array of sonic details that consistently proves lovely and alluring.
Desert Ocean, Lanterna

Desert Ocean by Lanterna (Review)

An album that sounds as if it was composed only for long drives in the horizon’s general direction.
Tony Takitani, Jun Ichikawa

Tony Takitani by Jun Ichikawa (Review)

Tony Takitani is one of the more poignant and affecting films I’ve seen in a long time, a very powerful movie about longing and loss.


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