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What I’m Looking Forward To In 2006 (Music Edition)


A Little Eye Candy Never Hurt Anyone

The Interview - Craig Monahan

The Interview by Craig Monahan (Review)

All in all, a fabulous little gem that deserves much more attention than it’s probably received to this date.
Superman Returns

What I’m Looking Forward To In 2006 (Movies Edition)

Let It Die, Feist

Let It Die by Feist (Review)

To say that Feist has one of the best voices I’ve heard all year would be an understatement, and a very obvious one at that.
Ramifications - The Rainfall Years

Ramifications by The Rainfall Years (Review)

It’s obvious that Ramifications is an album carefully and intricately constructed.

Reviewing Shiira 1.2

I’m still very impressed by this little OS X web browser.
Phos - The Sound Gallery

Phos by The Sound Gallery (Review)

All of this comes together to create that most unique of sensations in the listener: awe.
The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice by Andrei Tarkovsky (Review)

Tarkovsky’s last will and testament, a final summation of all that he believed about filmmaking, as well as spirituality and humanity.
Tilda Swinton as The White Witch

Tilda Swinton on Narnia: It’s Anti-Religious

I don’t know who to be more perturbed at.
O Little Stars

O, Little Stars by Keiron Phelan, David Sheppard (Review)

Each song here feels completely singular in its existence, like a little trembling world of sound.
Music for Pictures - Motionfield

Music for Pictures by Motionfield (Review)

Those looking for some nice background music that isn’t simply boring wallpaper, but instead offers up some fairly interesting texture, could do far worse.


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