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Cornerstone 2000: An Interview with Jeff Cloud

We sat down the founder of Velvet Blue Music to discuss music, new releases, and why music is trash.

Cornerstone 2000: An Interview With Pedro The Lion


Data Is Not Information - Frantic Mantis

Data Is Not Information by Frantic Mantis (Review)

The album’s goofiness undercuts the band’s attempts to explore deeper, more relevant themes.
Sufjan Stevens 20050920

Concert Review: Sufjan Stevens & Liz Janes (September 20, 2005, Omaha, NE)

It felt so refreshing to see a band perform that was so absolutely devoid of irony and hipster chic.
Woven Hand, Cornerstone 2002

Music for the Weekend

Caustic Light EP - Off the Sky

Caustic Light EP by Off The Sky (Review)

It’s one thing for dreams to inspire music, but quite another for music to inspire a dream while you’re still awake.
The Ministry of Archers, Joy Electric

The Ministry of Archers by Joy Electric (Review)

The Ministry of Archers feels like a throwback to past Joy Electric efforts like We Are The Music Makers and Five Stars For Failures.
Flowby - Hush Collector

Flowby by Hush Collector (Review)

Hush Collector has built for themselves a very solid foundation, and hopefully, it’s just a sign of even better things to come.
Too Tall To Hide - Halloween Alaska

Too Tall To Hide by Halloween, Alaska (Review)

A gentle and thoughtfully ambient sound that always seems to remain a welcome and warming listen.
Not Them You - Lake Trout

Not Them You by Lake Trout (Review)

Lake Trout shatters through the obvious comparisons, attaining a lofty sound all their own.
A Bittersweet Life

A Bittersweet Life by Kim Ji-Woon (Review)

It often seems as if an amazing sense of style is all that “A Bittersweet Life” has going for it.


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