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Microsoft Vista

Microsoft Vista’s Folder Icons Make a Mess of Things

It’s one of those little details that gnaws at you because it just feels wrong.
The Lost You, Hood

The Lost You EP by Hood (Review)

Hood’s music, even in EP form, is as mercurial and affecting as ever, while still managing to hint at exciting things that may come.
England Fallen Over EP, Epic45

England Fallen Over EP by Epic45 (Review)

Epic45 belongs to a small cadre of bands that, for the purposes of this review, I am going to term “nostalgists.”
400 Winters - Bark Psychosis

400 Winters EP by Bark Psychosis (Review)

There’s such a wealth of ideas and detail in Sutton’s compositions that even hearing other people’s takes on those elements feels like wholly original material.
Seven Winters - Various

Seven Winters by Various Artists (Review)

A nice compilation that shows off the Japanese shoegaze scene.
The Structure of a Precise Fashion - History Invades

The Structure of a Precise Fashion by History Invades (Review)

For all of the band’s angst-ridden vocals and explosive song dynamics, it never really gets the blood flowing.
The Structure of a Precise Fashion - History Invades

The Vision Festival, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Sleep in the Subway Station

Lars Gotrich experiences a six-day avant-garde jazz music and arts festival and survives to tell the tale.
Bark Psychosis' Hex

The Lost Generation

The ’90s were a pretty exciting time for music — if you were willing to scratch just below the surface.
War of the Worlds - Steven Spielberg

War of the Worlds by Steven Spielberg (Review)

Feels like yet another big budget, special effects-packed movie that seemingly anyone in Hollywood can churn out these days.
Absolute Noon - Feathers

Absolute Noon by Feathers (Review)

More often than not, I’m just willing to let myself get caught up in a particular song and see where it leads me.


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