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Pajama Avenue - Zelienople

Pajama Avenue by Zelienople (Review)

There’s a breathtaking quality to these songs, a sort of wonder that only comes when a band is more concerned with aesthetics than academics.
Downtown Torpedoes - Teddy Chan

Downtown Torpedoes by Teddy Chan (Review)

The sort of disposable cheese that gives disposable, cheesy films a good name.
Singed Wings EP - Maduro

Singed Wings EP by Maduro (Review)

Maduro’s music has plenty of room for development, but this EP proves he’s got a solid foundation.
Void Touching Faster Victuals - Baptist Generals

Void Touching Faster Victuals by The Baptist Generals (Review)

This is country-folk music fresh from the fields, still crusted in dirt and sweat from a day’s hard work.
Void Touching Faster Victuals - Baptist Generals

G28 by The Washington Generals (Review)

I’ve listened to this CD many times, hoping to discover something that would make it all click, but to no avail.
The Golden Age of Radio - Josh Ritter

The Golden Age of Radio by Josh Ritter (Review)

Josh Ritter reminds me of that shard of a real person I might have been when I wasn’t trying to be cool.
Labradford - Labradford

Labradford by Labradford (Review)

It’s a beautiful work, glittering with ice and chilly atmospheres.
Mi Media Naranja - Labradford

Mi Media Naranja by Labradford (Review)

They’ve really created a beautiful piece here that manages to be sparse and minimal while remaining emotional and moving.

E Luxo So by Labradford (Review)

Each unnamed track is slow and purposeful, solid and often quite beautiful.
Esctasy and Wine - My Bloody Valentine

Ecstasy and Wine by My Bloody Valentine (Review)

It’s good stuff, but it ain’t worth $80.
Songs for a Dead Pilot - Low

Songs for a Dead Pilot by Low (Review)

Low plays each song in a very deliberate manner, as if each song survives from one chord or brushstroke to the next.
Chinese Super Ninjas

Chinese Super Ninjas by Chang Cheh (Review)

I swear, this movie has some of the most innovative ways to kill people I’ve ever seen in a kung fu film.


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